The water starts to come out ok at first

i have a problem with by k75 moca heurig coffe maker the water starts to come out ok at first then, alittle at a time after that then noise keeps on going like the motor keeps on running and very little water is in the cup .then on the screen it likes wants me to clean it with vinegar i clean it alots of times but it keeps on saying needs cleaning. i have to shut the machine off then put it back on when it keeps on running and never stops with the strange noise.the noise is very weak like its non there.sign scott miller

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Hi Scott,

I'm having the exact, and I mean exact same problem still with mine. I finally decided after months to try and fix the darned thing again after I already bought its replacement!

Anyway, I'm now in the middle of digging into it deep to see what I can glean. I'm curious to know if you saw a dramatic change if you placed your finger over the vent opening near the top of the reservoir. The opening is on the bottom side of the rubber protuberance. I get a lot of bubbles from the reservoir outlet but the pump seems to run faster albeit shorter.

In other words, it not a fix, but I think it's a hint.



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