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The Alienware M14x R2 is a 14-inch gaming laptop.

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SATA DVD drive Flat Flex Cable: where to get it?

Dear all,

The flat flex cable for the SATA ODD from my Alienware M14X R2 is broken (two pins are no longer connected). Have you got any idea where I could get a spare in the EU? I only seem to find offers from shady companies in China, and the iFixit store carries only the cable for the HDD but not the cable for the DVD drive/ODD.

Thanks in advance!

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take a look at this one : ... its not in EU but the listing contains part number so it might help. BTW, the best might be contacting with local Dell service centre :)



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Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, it's a bit ridiculous paying more of import charges and shipping than the product itself. I'll try calling my DELL service center and speak with a technician, maybe they have one in stock!


yeah, it is ridiculous indeed :) good luck mate


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Try the iFixit store in Europe. If they don't have it they can probably tell you where to get it.

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