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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Should I replace the heat sink?

I just had a second hand replacement logic board delivered. I was sorry to see so much dust on the underside. I also noticed that it already had the heat sink attached. Now that is fine by me, one less fiddly thing to do, but would it be wiser to take it off an repaste it?

Also whether I do or not, what is the best way to remove dust from a logic board?

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I use a soft paint brush to scrub the board and the fan blades of any stuck junk, and a can of can'ed air to blow the stuff away.

As to cleaning off the old thermal paste and renewing it. It depends on the age of the system. The older systems for sure, the newer unibody systems may not need it quite yet. In any case make sure you fully clean the old paste off and apply the new paste correctly. Don't over do it! You don't want a mess here and lastly, make sure you use a good paste (Artic Silver is what I use).

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Thanks Dan. Dust wasn't too much of a problem. I cleaned it up a bit, mainly by blowing, and was eager to get it in.

I followed the guide step by step, it's not the first time i've stipped down this macbook and always with success.

This time, with the new logic board seemingly in place, when I tried to fire her up...nothing! I checked the battery was connected, and plugged it into the mains but zero response.

Could it be anything else? Could it be a dodgy replacement from Brian Burke (isellmac-parts)? Is it that this logic board is 2.4GHz and the original was 2.26?


What is the back story here with the original logic board? Why are you replacing it?


USBs not working


Lets go back to the original board and work on fixing the USB ports.

You'll need a externally powered USB hub to test things here. Once the system is functioning, plug in the powered hub to one of the ports and then plug in a USB device (I use a thumb drive as my test tool) does the device show up? If it does then you only need to fix the power lines fuse linker that port. Check the other port on your system it has a different fuse link.

If the fuse links burnt then you'll need to review your USB devices as one of them damaged your system. I suspect you used the wrong power adapter for the USB device.


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