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Won't Turn On after Spilling Water on it

Last week I managed to spill water onto my Wacom Bamboo Tablet (CTH670) and now it refuses to turn back on.

The USB cord connecting it to my desktop is fine, but the water hit right around the port where I'd connect the cable in the tablet. I tried drying everything out and giving it a few days to see if it would come back to life, but every time I plug it in my computer says the device malfunctioned and can't register it; the light on the tablet won't come on and it's unresponsive.

I've tried calling some tech-y stores in the area, but all of them so far have said they don't fix these kind of tablets. I was going to try and send it to Wacom themselves to get it repaired, but the CTH670 isn't listed.

Does anybody know how I could repair my tablet? I'd really like to get it fixed rather than have to flat-out replace it. I've attempted taking some of it apart to dry out internal parts, but nothing that I couldn't open without a screwdriver since I'd rather not break it further.

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If you feel comfortable opening the device, disconnect it from the computer and remove the cover (you'll need to find instructions on this!) Then take a liberal amount of isopropyl alcohol (90%+) on a Q-tip and clean the port and connector area, allowing it to dry. You likely have some sort of deposit or short forming near that connector where the water ended up. When cleaning it look for material bridging some of the connectors and gently wipe any away that you find. After you give it time to dry (20 minutes is fine normally) try it using it again.

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I know this was from a WHILE ago but I just wanted to know if this would work a few days after it got water in the port? I encountered the same situation.


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