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Furby was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furbies sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furbies sold over 40 million units.

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1999 furby can't seem to 'find' it's nice voice

Ive had a few furbys that seemed to go through a few minute period where they seem to reset their voice frequency, after ive needed to replace like a faulty speaker but this had been going on for weeks now, just sounds like a spontaniously spinning radio dial...normally i don't have to really DO anything more that wait for this to resolve itself BUT..... Heeelllllllllp

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Try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the furby. They tend to make random noises and they just need a reset most of the time. Hope this helped!

Update (09/28/2020)

There is also a chance that your furby’s speaker is water damaged. Do you have any videos of what it sounds like (If it’s still an issue)?

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