It doesn't work properly after being exposed to water spill!

So, the other day I was enjoying my CUP OF WATER while working on my MacBook. One moment, a moment of thrill going up my arm - and boom! - a little amount of water spilled on the keyboard. I made it dry from the outside quickly and turned it off. It's only water, I thought, what bad can happen?

Well, the bad happened - after I turned it on some time later, I could not log in. The reason for that turned out to be easy - the shift and option buttons were constantly pressed! I took a hair dryer and targeted it to the keyboard. Wow - now, only shift is always pressed.

I used an external keyboard to get into my MacBook. Unfortunately, it works extremely slowly now. Dashboard is opening like ages. Or the animated menu with downloads. It's crazy. It became useless so I bought another notebook, a cheap one this time.

So - is there an easy way to fix it or it will need loads of money to have it serviced, like replacing the keyboard? I don't know what's causing the trouble with being slow suddenly. Hard Drive seems to work nice since I managed to transfer everything to the external drive.

Is MacBook really such a sissy that it can't hold a REALLY SMALL amount of water? I mean, it's kind of confusing since one pays so much for it? I know I have already a new notebook but I don't want to lose the MacBook so easily. Unfortunately can't afford expensive repairs. So is there hope? Or should I just sell it to someone who is able to make use from the parts of it?



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Is MacBook really such a sissy that it can't hold a REALLY SMALL amount of water?

I agree.

They should design water not to conduct electric.


Very witty but the fact is that it happened to me before, I mean spilling some water on my notebooks but after drying them, none had problems to work further.


Distilled water doesn't conduct ;-} Its the junk in the water thats the killer.


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