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Repair and troubleshooting information for GE brand dishwashers.

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After installation can't get it to cycle.

I installed a newer GE Dishwasher that had been given to us. After installing, I can't get it to cycle. The control panel seems to be functioning properly. But after following the manual steps and pushing the start button, the dishwasher beeps six times every 30 - 45 seconds or so. I tried to cancel the cycle and restart, only to experience the beeping again. One time, after depressing the "Heated Dry" button before starting, it began the cycle. Thinking that I had succeeded in getting it to work I opened the door to stop the cycle, in the hopes of making it drain so that I could actually begin using it. That was the last time that I heard it work. Nothing that I do now will make the machine come to "life" again. The power is on. I turned the breaker off and on again, thinking that it might need to reset. Nothing seems to work. I've considered that the door latch might be defective. But I'm just not sure that this is the problem, since it seemed to begin a cycle once already. Perplexed.

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@dbrown15 what model is your DW?




Awaiting an electronic latch to see if replacing it will make it purr like a kitten.


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Try this video:

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Thank you Mayer, unfortunately I had already tried this to no avail. After fiddling with this again and trying to reset the dishwasher by turning off the power and then flipping the breaker back on, the latch stopped latching the door. I know that sometimes the latch becomes faulty and will make the machine act up like this. So, I'm planning on replacing the electronic latch in the hope that this will solve all the trouble.


Please inform us as to your results so9 that your question may help others.


Well... now that I'm installing the new electronic latch that I just received I discover that the door seems to have shifted down some on the right side. I can see where the latch doesn't seem to catch properly. But it does catch properly if I lift up on the right side of the door by about ¼ " to ⅜". Since the unit is a little small for the existing hole I've had to place 2 X4 s under each side and additionally shimmed it up in order to mount it to the counter top. I guess the bottom line question is; is it possible to adjust the door height so that the latch catches properly with the strike?


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