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This Rotary Tool by iFixit vs. Dremel comparison please?

Especially interest in glass cutting capabilities and price comparison.

My ole Creators bottle cutter don't cut square bottles. Matter of fact, it just don't cut it.


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It not the tool you need but the bit tool. Get a diamond cut off disk like one of these:

As to the rotary tool part, if you do not have one it becomes a matter of how much it's going to be used, how versatile you need it to be and how many hours a day it may be used. Personally I went with a dental lab Emesco jack rabbit with a short arm like this one:

This machine with a good dental lab hand piece can be used for hours a day without the vibrations a Dremel gives you. But it uses 3/32" dental bits high quality rather than the larger cheaper Dremel bits.

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