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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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What are some of the problem that damage a mother board

My HP Computer is not responding well, when ever I put it on, it take an hour to display. I just don't know what is the problem. Some time it just don't want to come on at all. When I try repeating, it sometime come on with about 10 different color on the screen with lining in all color, this is not the right way it been for the pass 32 hr. I need some help to fix this problem

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Lets try a different approach. First what version of windows are you using. If you can try booting into safe mode . If this is not an option we can try an sfcscan . This link will help you with this scan Once completed let us know the results and we'll be better able to assist you

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Thanks Jimfixer for your help, I'm working on it is getting better


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you are describing a range of issues

but the priorty would be the monitor and lines problem. this indicates either a problem with the graphics card or the monitor. try connecting the monitor to another machine (if available) to test if working ok. if not, the monitor is the culprit. as for the slowness of the HP uninstall unwanted programs from, control panel (put in search) look for uninstall programs. check microsoft site for updates and update programs and browsers.

use the AV to run scan for malware.

run scan with MWBs

run scan with Adwcleaner

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Thanks Alfie for your help and advice, I'm working on it and is getting better.


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