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It powers up but does not boot up

It powers up but that's all

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ringerdriggers powers up how? what do you see? What happens? what model is it? what have you checked?


Do you see the bios logo?


No I don't c bios logo it is a gateway N series


okay so what exactly does it do and what do you see?


It powers up and that's all the screen is a gray. Color like its trying boot up so I can log on


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This could be an host of issues any one of which can cause this so lets start with the basic. remove the laptop battery and disconnect the power then hold down the power button for 60 seconds. then reinstall the battery and plug in the power and boot the laptop. if it works it was a case of static discharge if there is no joy lets move on to the ram . Remove one stick of ram and try to boot the laptop if it doesnt boot then move that stick to a different dimm slot. and try to boot again if the laptop boots it means one stick of ram was bad if not then switch out and test with the other stick keep trying until you have tried each dimm in each slot . If you have no joy then we move on to the APU. try pluging in an external monitor. If it works then your LCD screen is bad and will need to be replaced if it doesn't work then the issue is probably with the APU. Hope this helps

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Thanks was very helpful!


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Sounds like the monitor is on but nothing else. Separate the issue if you can with another monitor. From a cold boot listen, does you hear beeping? Drive access lights?

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