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Basic Sony Laptop Computer running Windows 7, identified by model number PCG-61611L.

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My laptop screen is black and the fan won't turn on

When this happened, it suddenly turned off. I restarted it and it was on for a few minutes until it turned off again, and after that, when I turn it on, the screen is black.

When I turn on the laptop, the laptop makes a sound that it's starting to run and then it is silent. The fan isn't on, and the only light that is on is the power.

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Did you get it wet? Did anyone use it before you tried it when it powered off?


Cassandra Woods connect an external monitor and see if that displays your desktop.


You can also remove the battery and plug in the laptop using your adapter and then turn it on.


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Your laptop has a fan for a reason, and it's not to cool your lap... It's not a lint removal tool either but that's a job it WILL DO well. Suck up enough of this lint or that cat hair and your fan will fail to cool the temperature sensitive CPU. If your laptop only has one fan, consider your video card a close contender in the race to overheat, stall or shut it down. How long does that take?

... Just a few seconds.

How can you tell?

1. Look for the air intake holes/cooling fins on your laptop. Hint: It's not supposed to look like carpet (plugged with lint or debris).

2. Use your nose. If it smells like probably is.

3. If you used to hear a fan during startup but don't anymore, stop trying.

Salvageable? Maybe

Invest in a "can-O-air" - blow out any obstruction in the intake cooling passageways. Get a straw and go ghetto if you must because the human mouth can blow up to 7psi. - that's enough to make a difference (warning; it's also enough to make you faint like a Southern Belle).

Short on time and breath? Take it in and get it cleaned out and replace the cooling fan too (an inexpensive assurance).

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