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Phone won't turn on and Error 4014

Hi there,

This second hand iPhone 6 I purchased is not turning on at all, and when plugged into iTunes it doesn't vibrate or show any indication of life, but then shows an Error 4014 when trying to restore. I believe the phone is in recovery mode because it will not turn on or show any sign of working.

I thought it may have something to do with the inside of the phone, so I opened it up and saw that the battery was slight swollen and smelt of chemicals (nail-polish/fruity type smell).

My question is are these two issues related, and if I get the battery repaired, should I expect to be able to repair the error 4014?

Thanks in advance

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It's definitely worth a try. Battery shouldn't cost too much.


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I would try replacing the battery.. but i would first unplug the battery and plug it into the wall outlet and see if there is any sighs of life.. problem could be more then a battery

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Good idea. Will try that soon.



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its fixit and texted . SEE here photo after solved. this Error Solution Not Easy Remove and fix . Error 40 ,4013 , 4014 , 9 all same solution

1) fast remove nand carefully because you need sn /bt/wifi address from nand.

2) repair nand with any repair tool

3) back nand in motherbord and restore full

4) done .

this work dont this to Easy . thanks

Done Error 40 ,4013 , 4014 ,9

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