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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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15 mm HDD in Mac Mini Late 2014?

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to fit a 15 mm HDD in Mac Mini Late 2014?

Specifically Seagate ST4000LM016

Default HDD is 9.5 mm and all the tear downs (incl. videos) I've seen do not focus on the free space you have below HDD enough.

Thank you!

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While Apple did reconfigure the drive frame so the HD bay is larger in the newer Blade SSD/HD models. Apple so far has only used the smaller 9.5 mm 1 TB drive in their drive offerings.

With that said, I don't see any reason why the larger 15 mm drive wouldn't work here (it will be tight!) If you haven't bought the system yet I would recommend getting the SSD model and then buy the dual drive kit to add the HD. Getting the SSD later will be harder & more expensive.

I've also been toying with the idea of upgrading my home mini (2012) which has dual 2 TB drives (media server) to this exact configuration. :-}

Let us know how it goes!

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@danj thank you for the response.

Already have the Mini with PCI-E SSD and SATA cable.

It's very unlikely I'd buy 15 mm before knowing for sure it fits in. I'll wait for an answer for some time in a hope someone is tearing down his Mini right now. :/ And then probably fall back on 7-9.5 mm 2 TB.


What you could do is take some foam board to cover the top of your current HD to make it 15 mm so you can see if it would fit. I suspect you'll need to leave the drive loose to make up the difference. I got 14 mm using a ruler measuring to the top of the frame when I first though I might get a newer system.


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