post digitizier install ghost touches like crazy

Hi, I'm having a TON of ghost touching; it started off perfect but now the device is not usable. I've noticed the touching gets worse the longer the ipad is on (if thats somehow related)

Any suggestions for what to do? I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the screen and the digitizer multiple times and it keeps getting worse :(

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Sometimes it seems to work fine; other times it goes crazy wild; i'm trying to use a factory reset to see if that will help now.

any advise would be awesome sauce


Hi Sophie! Just for better understand your problem, you have replaced your ipad display right? Do you have bought an "original" replacement part or a cheap one?

Sometimes depend on the low quality of the part you replace but..

A LOT of other time depends by the aluminum case that with the use became "deformed" and when the touch glass doesn't fit very well the case it goes crazy. When the ipad start to behave strange try to push the frame, especially the black zones and see if the problem became less noticeable.


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