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The Lexmark S405 is an all-in-one wireless color inkjet printer.

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found a spring inside the feed paper feed lexmark s300 s400 printer

I am having paper jams, i pick up the printer and heard a rattle sound. and a spring fell out. but the paper still jams,

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I suspect that it may be a spring that pushes the paper tray up to the feed position when inserted. Do you have a picture of the tray and a picture of the feed assembly?


I think this just happened to me... what do I do if the spring is broke? Its hard to see into the printer via the top draw paper tray/feeder. I have a Interpret S405. Thank you.


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There are springs that drive the feed wheels, each set of wheels (could be a plastic rod with with rubber wheel looking things) each rod should have a pair of springs, find one with one spring and put the other back on.

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