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Why isn't my phone turning on?

I just attempted to replace a broken lighting connector port with the lightning connector assembly replacement guide on iFixit. After reassembling the iPhone, the phone won't turn on and isn't recognized when I plug it into a computer. Is there something I should do to fix the phone?

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You can try leaving it on the charger for a few hours to see if it turns on itself. Sometimes your battery will drain during a repair and it can take awhile to get it back up and running on a normal level.

The other possibility is that you got a bad charge port. This happens, especially when ordering parts online or wholesale. I typically expect faults in about 1 out of 20 parts. You may need to return it to the seller for a new one.

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It turned on after I left it in the charger but I'm having some problems with the screen though. Would that probably be something I did while reassembling it?


Did you unplug the screen when doing the repair?


Yes I did. Just like it said in the guide


You might need to reseat the connectors. Try unplugging the screen, and carefully lining the connectors back up and making sure they are snapping down all the way. They should all be flush with each other prior to putting the EMI plate on.


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