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A 12.2-inch "prosumer" tablet released in February 2014. Powered by a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Crack on side of Note Pro 12.2. Advice would be appreciated.

Hey there! I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice.

I discovered today that my Note Pro 12.2 had cracked at a point around the sides of the device, where the S Pen slot is (photos attached).

I only noticed the crack today, as I was putting the tablet into my new Logitech Pro keyboard case that I just bought. How I managed to crack the tablet, I'm not sure (I haven't dropped it before). I'm presuming it's something I did as I slid the tablet into the new case. I'm surprised however, as I was never rough with tablet. The tablet still functions perfectly.

So I was wondering if anyone knew if this is repairable? If so, would it be worth repairing tablet? I have no idea if cracks like this get worse over time. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you. Advice would be appreciated :)


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Given that you've got it in a case, it likely will not get worse over time unless you are regularly straining it by removing it and replacing it in the case.

I would certainly keep an eye on it anyway. If it does shift to a point where debris can get in under that screen, I'd be concerned, but as of right now, I wouldn't advise a repair, as the risks during repair outweigh the reward of having a flawless frame.

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Thank you for your response! Yes, I will leave the crack alone for now, and check if it gets any worse over time. I do hope that there is a possibility the frame can be fixed, if the crack does become a problem. Thanks!


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