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My disc drive is not present!

I recently performed a hdd swap and I was tearing down the rest for cleaning. I put everything back together and now my disc drive is not working at all. The button makes no sound at all! Please help

Update (06/27/2016)

I think I may have found the issue. The ribbon cable. I believe I pulled it out incorrectly causing the ears to tear off of the end. There might be damage to the connect on the circuit board of the drive. I'm not completely sure. Does this sound like a possibility???

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It's not the power supply. That ribbon cable that you commented about is your problem. This happens all the time. I see it every week in my shop. That ribbon cable with the ears that are torn off is not going into the connectors all the way and/or it also may be going in crooked. If those little ears have been torn off and stuck inside the connectors that would be what's causing it to not go in all the way.

So, now the hard part...getting those little ears out. I use a dental pick that's been filed down to fit inside the connectors. Sometimes you can do it without removing the motherboard, but many times you need to take the motherboard out to get a good angle on it.

Another option that might work is to get a new ribbon cable, cut those little ears off, insert it into the connector and then tape it there once it's where it needs to be.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Ok so I'll try that later on. Another thing. So when I did the tear down I accidentally left the disc in. I figured out how to manually eject the disc. Not its saying disc unrecognizable. Would this be an issue associated with the ribbon cable connector ear also??


Yes, this could be an issue with the ribbon cable. It could be a laser problem or something else wrong with the drive...but since we know the ribbon cable is bad there's no reason to try to figure anything else out without fixing that first.


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If you teared down then reassembled with caution (I mean without applying force), you problably forgot something, or done something wrong, most likely with the PSU (power supply).

If you have no beep at all, the +5V is missing. It is provided by the small 4 or 5 wire cable between the motherboard and the PSU.

Check and report :-)

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