Please Help with monitor.

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Hello guys. I really hope you can help me here. You see I was adjusting my brightness.. Then out of no where i pressed one of the buttons on the bottom of my monitor. What happened?

As a gamer i like playing all my games in widescreen mode. However after adjusting my brightness and opened my game.. I noticed there was a black line that takes up quite abit of space on my monitor. Which is really quiet a problem.

I can't see squat.. What I'm typing.. What's my status in game which is on the bottom of my screen.

Please what can I do to fix this? I already tried auto processing

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. I already tried the reset button which didn't work for squat.. What can I do?

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@ladyofmine horizontal or vertical line? Post an image of your dispaly so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that


@oldturkey03 Hey, and yeah sure I can add a few photos but they're hardly noticeable. And its horizontal.


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