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Can I use the diplay from my pb g4 for another mac?

Is it possible to use the display of my demage PB as disply for another computer?

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Yes, you can use the display assembly on another laptop, as long as the other laptop is a 12" PowerBook G4 867 MHz. However, the LCD can be used on any other 12" PowerBook G4 regardless of processor speed.

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thank you matt,

of course, i know that, but i want to use the screen as external display for another computer, e.g. mac mini, i think it will be a matter of connectors, and power...where i can find infos about...


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It doesn't sound possible. The only route I could think of would be to turn on screen sharing on the Mac Mini, then accessing it on the Powerbook. That doesn't work because your powerbook is broken.

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