suddenly the iPhone keeps searching for signal

hi, this is the second iPhone 5c i've got that suddenly keeps saying searching... the phones did not drop nor got wet. I've tried to reset network settings, changed simcard, hard reset... still nothing. the phone does nothing when i plug in or take out the simcard... probably a motherboard problem... what more can i do?

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Does the phone report an IMEI number under 'Settings > About Phone'? If not then the baseband chip has probably gone bad.


check as reported by @benjamen50 and also check your time and date (most of this cases are caused by inaccurate date and time.. plug to ITunes or WiFi and sync the time and date automatically


That reminds me galmoham, another issue is that if the time can't synchronize properly then it's probably due to the crystallizer ic which is used for date / time could go bad. This is a fairly uncommon issue for the iPhone 5c but I have heard it happened a few times. It is fixable though.


no imei number, so i guess the baseband chip has failed... thaks for the quick response


try to reflow that chip myb u might by lucky with that.. as replacing that ic in never an easy task..... and restoring the phone will get you stalk upon completion since there is no IMEI so better not to try to restore till you get back the IMEI


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