Where to get 16gb, 64gb, and 120gb logic Board?


  • Your board gets water damage, and you want to change it because it's cheap.
  • You want to update your memory, so you decide to buy a new logic board.

How to get one that you can use?

Or to be specific: No icloud lock, or bad ESN IMEI, and it works. Carrier does not matter. List of carrier combinations is a plus.

Potentital answer:


For 16gb, iFix $300

iPhone 6s Logic Board Resmi


iPhone 6s Logic Board


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"Cheap". The logic board is the main component of the device and it is expensive. If you have water damage, send your phone to an authorised repair shop(out of warranty replacement) or a third party(if you want your data back). To update your storage, there are specific people you can go to or mail them your device. Logic board replacements do not exist, all you can is extract it from another iPhone. Try searching eBay or aliexpress.

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Sir i have a icloud problem in my phone! Any way to unlock the icloud id?

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