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Problems with my LCD

My LCD and touch started failing a few months ago. It started with vertical lines on the right hand side going from top to bottom. The touch started going shortly after. It got so bad I couldn't use my phone. The screen ended up going completely black so I couldn't see anything anymore, but the backlight was still there.

I bought a replacement LCD and digitizer assuming that was the problem, changed over my home button, camera etc. I've done this before with numerous 5C's and 6's.

Everything seemed to go good, all parts transferred over, plugged it all back in, turned the phone on and the LCD lit up, but it lit up with just about every single colour you can imagine, mixed all over the screen. It's crisp, clear colors, but I can't get it to do anything else. All the buttons seem to function, meaning I can still hard restart the phone, the home button brings it out of standby, the volume buttons will make the phone stop ringing when I use find my iPhone and make it play a sound.

Block Image

Anyone have any ideas??

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I've seen this before on a new HTC One M8 replacement screen which ended up to be faulty and a Samsung Galaxy S3 botched charger port replacement repair.

This can either be a faulty screen or something is damaged on the logic board (Not really sure what it would be but for the Samsung Galaxy SIII it was the NAND memory flash chip overheated from changing charger port with heatgun).


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Took the device in and had the shop put another LCD in it, just to see if it was the phone itself or the screen that's faulty. The screen they put in worked flawlessly so problem was the "new" LCD. Now it's just a big fight between me and the eBay moron that sold it to me.


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