My DS Lite doesnt turn on, can I fix it?

Few years ago I noticed the left bumper on my DS Lite wasn't working.

Because i was very stupid at that time and had no idea how electronic devices worked I grabbed a screwdriver and tried to take out the button to see what was inside.

When I inserted the screwdriver under the button i must have broken something because the ds quickly shut off.

Now when I try to turn it on it lights up for a second, the battery light blinks green and it shuts off again.

The bottom screen blinks white, the top one stays black.

What could be broken?

Would it be possible to replace some parts to make the ds work again and would it be worth it?

How do I tell which wires and components are still ok when I take it apart?

Thank you for your help :)

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Disconnecting the wifi module makes the green light stay on, but the bottom screen isn't blinking anymore. After removing the bottom part of the plastic casing i see that the left side is where the top lcd screen cables are so maybe i damaged that with the screwdriver. I don't see any damage though.


After completly dissassembling the device i see that the lcd screen wires are in fact torn which probably is the issue as with many other questions posted here :)


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