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The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or unlocked (US or International). Some LG G4's are known to have bootloop problems.

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h810 9008 stuck fix

i have lg g4 h10 AT&T . it is stuck on lg logo, i m facing bootloop problem,can you please tell me how can i get a solution?recomend me something

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This is a bad board — I’m surprised it went this long; mine died 1.5 years in — mine is a 509K* (which I still have, as I never recycled it). From how I understand it, it’s a PMIC issue but I’m thinking the issue lies with multiple chips. The Snapdragon SoC LG used was also known to run hot, so combine that with a known PMIC failure and you can probably understand why these phones are known to fail… yet the same SoC didn’t cause others with it to drop dead, just throttle.
If anyone sees this with an LG G4 that somehow isn’t dead, learn from me and OP; get a new phone and move your data while it works! They will all fail due to this issue!

You need to reflow the board to get the solder contact to be good enough to pull the data off of the phone. I used a hairdryer (Conair 1875) on high until the board was hot to the touch (but I could still handle the phone) and it didn’t force shutdown — it will probably throttle, but that’s fine; if you’re doing it to pull data and scrap the device, it’s not an issue. That said, the downside to the hairdryer is that you need to run it on low near the phone to maintain a stable temperature since you only get a few chances before the solder no longer reflows. It was a risky operation sure, but I had photos I wasn’t sure were backed up and it was potentially my only chance.

If you aren’t prepared to risk it and lack the proper experience to do it, take the phone to a shop and ask them to reflow the board so it’s stable without supporting heat, and runs long enough to pull the data. Once you pull the data, erase it and scrap the phone.
Here is what you do if you have them do it: Ask them to reflow it so it stays on for a while, even survives past the data recovery potentially (but please do not use it again; get your data off and REPLACE the phone). Heck, I’d prove I moved on by buying a new one first and showing the shop I took it out of service.
TELL THE SHOP YOU KNOW THIS IS A BUM PHONE AND YOU JUST NEED IT TO WORK SO YOU CAN PULL DATA AND HOPEFULLY ERASE THE PHONE. I don’t see why any good 3rd party shop wouldn’t reflow the device for you and test it for a little bit so you to recover the data. Data>erasure with these!!!

Once you get your data off, move it to a new phone — not an LG, as they left the mobile business. These days, you’re usually better off paying cash for an unlocked phone since you finance them with installments today. These also use a MicroSIM, which no modern device uses (they all use NanoSIM now); you’ll need a new SIM too, especially if you buy a 5G phone as the SIM these used wasn’t designed to be 5G compatible. After mine died, I used a Nokia L635 to bide my time (as it used the same SIM card) and then a Moto G5 Plus. I got the G7 which was fine, then a 4G G Stylus 2021. Now I use a Samsung A42 5G (which I wish I didn’t now, as it lacks some key 5G bands, but that’s on me — should have gone with a 5G Nokia).
TIP: With AT&T, you can purchase a prepaid device and use it on a postpaid plan (I’ve done the swap for others who had older postpaid phones age and need a new phone, but do not need a $1,000 phone); just remove the Prepaid SIM BEFORE you turn on the phone. If you fail to do this, it locks to Prepaid for 1 year and you need to call AT&T to remove the Prepaid SIM lock.

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I am a pro, ...but I see two possible solution, first search ilapo in internet , but the solution now it is not for H810 y for internatinational lg g4

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You might be able to put it in recovery and reflash it.

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Nope, nope, nope. Bootloop is a HW issue; some say it's related to the PMIC. But I believe the SoC and PMIC cook themselves to death equally.


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