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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How do I know if my power supply is going bad

My computer just shuts off in the middle of my work as if the plug was just yanked out.

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Does it shut down or do you just lose the video?


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I do not think just yet, that its the power supply.

since you tell that it does it right in the middel of your work..

What does it do then.. Can you immediately switch back on, and is it an normal startup whit sounds and such??

could be the supply cable sitting loose, and it could be as easy as just being the power socket sitting crooked in the electrical socket...

but please bring som more info about what it can, and cannot do. and how often you have experienced this?

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i'm about 6 years late but in case anyone else is having this problem, this sounds like an overheating issue to me; your computer will shut down to avoid damage if it gets too hot, so open a program that can monitor temperatures (eg. macs fan control) and keep an eye on the temperatures. if your cpu or gpu gets above 90°C then it's time to open it up and clean out all the dust and apply new thermal paste. if the temperatures are still high, it's possible either the temperature sensor is broken, or the heatpipes have dried out and you need to get a new heatsink.

if it's not the temperatures, my next bet would be either the harddrive or ram is dying (or the sticks are mis-matched after an upgrade, so check they have the same timings [eg. 7-7-7-20] and brand of chiplets [hynix, micron, samsung] first); check your hdd/ssd's health using a program that can access the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring if your drive supports it, or make a bootable Memtest usb stick to check the ram for a minimum of 8 passes (if the built-in apple diagnostics don't work/say no error/etc.. some drives may not have s.m.a.r.t. built in or active, or the diagnostics didn't stress test the ram long enough for the errors to become apparent).

if they're both fine, swap out the cr2032 button-cell battery (it'll probably be nearly dead by now anyway) and if not, THEN it's time to be sus about the PSU or logic board, but without a spare known good PSU/board to swap out, it can be hard to figure out which is actually the guilty culprit, so i'd start with trying a different power CABLE (you may be using an old one that has faulty wiring, or the wrong rating of/semi-molten fuse, for example) and if you have an access to a UPS (uninterruptable power supply; basically a big ol' battery between the wall plug and your computer) try that to see if it's from a bad feed from the wall's socket. if you're on a surge protector, maybe it's nearly dead (most surge protectors can only take so many Joules worth of surges before they're no longer protecting you).

still happening? it can be a bit costly (and potentially dangerous if you're inexperienced [but well worth the investment imho]), but an ESR meter with a 100khz sine-wave oscillator can tell you if the PSU's capacitors are bad (that's what they typically use to quality control test capacitors at the capacitor production factory; a cheap multimeter isn't reliable enough for testing capacitance unless it has the oscillator and 50khz doesn't cut the mustard).

still happening? either some solder has micro-cracks from years of heat cycling and needs to be reflowed (basically heat back up to a liquid then left to cool to become solid and whole once again) or something is wrong with the logic board.

i may have missed something to test, but at least there's a lot more info to go on here than there was before i arrived ;P

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