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Second generation of the Toyota 4Runner.

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My Toyota 4 Runner Won't Start

I have a 1990 4 YE Toyota Automatic 4 Door Petrol Sedan that I'm having trouble starting.. Three days ago I parked it in the carport, pulled the park brake on, put the auto shift into park. Turned it off. now it won't start.. It's done 214,000 odd klms, and it has been meticulously maintained...

The battery was fully charged, and I did try another battery just in case it was faulty. Both battery terminals have been taken off and checked. Both are clean and tight fitting. I have moved the auto shift in and out of park a number of times to try to start it, but its still the same.. Each time I turn the key over to the start position, it just make's a single click sound .. Could it possibly be a gamed starter motor? Can anyone out their shed some light on my starting situation please.... Thankyou.


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@whisky there are plenty of reasons why this could be happening. If you are certain that you have a good battery, and if you made sure that you have good ground from the battery to the engine, then I'd consider the starter next. Here is a good way to test the starter. Let us know what you find, since there may be issues with the starter relay, neutral switch and many others. One step at a time. The first one is to rule out a bad starter.

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If it clicks look at the solinoid


I had a similar problem on my 2000 4runner it will not start unless I set the parking brake not sure what that has to do with this starting system but when I disengage the parking brake it won't start I put the parking brake on it starts


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