My shuffle won't respond to anything, it seems...

So the other day, I listened to music until the battery ran out. A red LED in the bottom lit up, and the music stopped abruptly.

Now, when I connect it to charge up, the LED flashes orange, four times at about one second intervals. Neither of my two computers will recognize it, and it does not appear to be charging.

Am I just being impatient, or is something wrong?

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Orange and blinking in use, do not disconnect

iPod shuffle is in use by your computer and should not be disconnected. If you want to disconnect iPod shuffle while in this state, use iTunes to eject iPod shuffle (or quit all applications and eject iPod shuffle from Windows Explorer or the Finder), wait for the status light to stop blinking, and then disconnect iPod shuffle.

To determine whether iPod is fully charged or charging, eject iPod in iTunes or from Finder/Windows. If the light turns solid orange and it is not blinking, it is charging. If it is green, it is fully charged.

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