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Water getting inside the trunk or hatch back of the car.

When it's raining or driving on wet roads there is water on the floor of the trunk (hatch back) of my 2013 Nissan Leaf.

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I have same problem but it is a 2005 Toyota Prius. I was just trying to find part code or information to order correct rubber gasket or something to stop leak over Prius battery.


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From what I can see: Nissan has trouble with door gasket material being too soft and faililng due to normal sources of abrasions. This I observed while at a Nissan Dealership and talking with the sales department about a new car in the showroom that had been visibly dammaged by customer use. I would look to check for loose and and dammaged rear hatch door weather stripping for the cause of water. Also the rear fender seal if you notice it while in motion as the tires spray lots of water from the road. and the gasket around the rear antenna, or taillights.

I would ask about warranty replacement. Also ask about hidden waranty. If you are not still under warranty I would go online and see if it would work with aftermarket weatherstripping. Try asking service people at several dealerships on the phone asking if there is a well known problem that causes your symptoms.

In searches, I would try Nissan Versa, or other Nissan cars, for similar problems as

Versa is the Gas twin for Leaf and there is a lot more user experience for these because they sell a lot more gas than electric..

I hope this helps.


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Josh, I am curious to see what parts of my answer worked for you. --Glenn


Todays vehicles us a sticky gum to seal taillights to the vehicle, older vehicles used a foam gasket which went dry all the time to allow water penetration, I would not think that the gummy sealant will allow water in this fast. Pull the trim from inside to gain access to the taillight mounting nuts and see if you notice any WITNESS marks of water intrusion???


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