Spilled 70% iso alcohol on keyboard, now keys input multiple letters.


I was recently cleaning my keyboard with some 70% isopropyl alcohol. As I was cleaning it with a cloth, a small amount of liquid leaked into the 8, i, and K keys. I would say that the amount leaked inside would be equivalent to 2 or 3 drops. I let the laptop dry for around 24 hours after the cleaning and I turned it back on.

Soon after I started up the keyboard again, I noticed that the i key would input letters like ER. Another example is after I pressed 8, they keyboard would input 1238. This happens the same with the K key.

What are the best possible options to fixing this? Should I replace the keyboard or the topcase? Any suggestion would be appreciated. I have tried SMC resets and everything. Thanks for the help

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Replace the keyboard.

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How does that work? Do I just buy another keyboard and just follow the teardown and replace it? If not what are the parts i do need to purchase?


Actually, before you do that, get a few silica gel packets and put it on the keyboard and leave it for a few days.


I doubt the silica get packs will make any difference here. Silica or any other desiccant only help in removing moisture in the air not wet surface wetness. So if you are out in a foggy area with your camera thats a good time to have the silica gel pack in your camera bag. If you drop your phone or computer in a puddle it won't help you.

But! Sitting the system near a sunny window will! As this is isopropyl alcohol, there should not be any damage after it dries.

If this was water then you would need to open the system up ASAP to clean out the water manually. A soda or other drink will likely need more work to clean out the acids and sugars in the drink using distilled water and high quality isopropyl alcohol (85% or higher).


I have tried putting the computer next to the window. I forgot to mention that this problem has happened over a week ago. I have let it dry and sit but the problem still persists.


I think replacing the keyboard is your only option now.


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