After I run a cycle the machine will fill up with water

When the machine is done. and the machine is sitting Ide it fills up with water very slowly it is just a trickle and take about three hours to fill and it will drain if I run the spin and drain cycle why is it filling with water.

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Thank you went to the local DL Appliance parts store spent $34.79 on parts took me 35 minutes to repair and things are up and running thank you very much for the advise and help.


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@aubrey sounds like a leaking water inlet valve. This can be caused by fine debris getting iinto the valve. Here is the part that might need replacing. Download the service manual from the bottom of this page. Check this video to see if you can tackle this job.

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Thank you did the trick $34.79 at the Local DL Appliance parts store and 35 minutes to do the repair.


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