short circuit while fixing wifi-antenna

Hello everyone,

i was struggeling with plugging in the wifi-antenna on the logic board.

as an aid to plug in i used a tweezer with a metal tip and touched the logic board by mistake (battery was connected) and i could see a spark on the board.

On the picture below you can see the area where the spark came from (in the red circle beside the arrow). the golden spot turned black after the spark

after i connected all cables and tried to turn on the iphone, it didn't work. then i plugged the lightining cable and my iphone turned on. IT WORKS!

luckily i don't have any problems yet and everything is working fine so far.

but i'm still worried about that something is gonna break soon.

MY QUESTION TO THE PRO'S HERE IS... Which function does the point have i touched on the logic board with the tweezer.

thank you very much



Block Image



Block Image

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I think that pad connects directly to the battery's positive line. You probably just shorted it to ground. It should be fine.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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thank you mister... i really appreciate your help


Your welcome :)


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