My touch is not working and has little boxes on it.

I recently bought this iPhone (second hand) and it's starting to show some issues. It doesn't respond to touch and has these weird little boxes on it. Anybody know how to fix it or what the problem is? (Picture of the screen)

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Thanks for posting a picture, that definitely helps. It would appear that the screen connectors are not fully seated. Normally inside the iphone there is a little shield over the connectors that puts just enough pressure on the screen cables to keep them plugged in. Sometimes when being repaired these shields are left off (who knows why?!) and then if the phone is subject to shock then there is nothing holding them plugged in and they become dislodged. This should be an easy fix, just get yourself a pentalobe screwdriver and a 00 phillips and you should be well on your way. Be careful of the booby trap Touch ID sensor cable (open slowly).

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Thank you! I just opened it up and put them back carefully and now my screen is better then ever! You saved my life!


Glad to hear it! If the Shield was missing, that's not good. If you feel up to it replacement is easy BUT, and please pay careful attention to this!! The screws are not all the same size and if applied in the wrong holes it will permanently damage your phone.

In my opinion, unless you drop your phone a ton I would leave the shield off if you don't feel comfortable with re applying the screws.


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