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How to get laptop to correctly work as a desktop with peripherals?

My old desktop is painfully slow, so I am switching over to use my son's Sony VAIO laptop. But I have eye issues which requires I use a large-screen monitor, so I am trying to set the laptop up as a desktop. So far, I have been successful in attaching the monitor and external mouse/keyboard to the laptop using HDMI & USB ports. For security, I have also hooked-up an Ethernet cord directly from my router to the laptop, rather than use Wi-Fi. My next step will be to hook-up the printer, hopefully.

The only problem I have yet to resolve is how to be able to turn on the laptop & then keep it from going to sleep when I shut the laptop (having the laptop's screen open & on while using the external monitor's screen instead bothers my eyes.)

I want to be able to turn off or put the laptop to sleep "on-demand", but otherwise be able to close the laptop cover and keep it "on" (and not going to sleep or shutting-down) while I am working on it as a "desktop".

I thought I changed the settings correctly based on a video or 2 I saw online about converting a laptop to a desktop, but it doesn't seem to work. Deskspace is limited, and I had hoped to close the laptop lid & set my keyboard on top of it while I work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you are using windows, open the control panel and get into the power options, you will want to get into the advanced power options, once in there you will find a setting called lid close action. Open that and change it to do nothing. You can then save your changes and you should be able to close the lid without the display shutting off on you.

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Drake: Thank you for your response! The laptop's operating on Win8. When I finally found the "Power Options" in the Control Panel, there was no "Advanced" option, but I did find options for "Lid Closed" action when connected to a power cord vs a battery. However, there were only 3 options: (1) Sleep, (2) Hibernate, or (3) Shut Down. There was no "do nothing" option. So now what? Thanks!


Unfortunately after reading a bit more about your laptop they actually purposefully removed that option because the laptop wasn't designed to be run at full capacity with the lid closed (it'll take on additional heat from the screen obstructing it)

What I would do in this situation, is find the threshold at which the lid "closes" and make a semi permanent attachment. But due to the limitation of your machine I would suggest a cooling may underneath it to prevent any overheating issues.


Drake: Thanks again for your help on this one. Bummer that I can't fully-close the lid. I figured that the laptop screen would turn off when closed & just "light-up" the peripheral monitor, but I guess not & can see what you're saying. I've been going the "mostly-closed" route so far, and the cooling mat's a good idea, too. I'll just have to figure out a place to put the laptop where all cords can reach comfortably so I can clear off my desktop & place my keyboard where it's comfortable. I have a few ideas..... But now I have to figure out what connection my current printer has, to see if I can hook it up to the laptop anyway. Thanks again!


If it's a more recent printer you may be able to use it over wifi, if not most have a simple isn connection. If those are all already taken you can pickup a cheap "powered" usb hub and then plug all your stuff into that.


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