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The XP-410 features the latest in wireless standards, plus Wi-Fi Direct1. And, it supports Apple® AirPrint™ and Google Cloud Print™. Built-in card slots,a 2.5" LCD and convenient touch panel make it easy to print borderless, customized photos in various layouts, PC-free.

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Printer says Paper is out and wont print

My printer has been acting up and saying that the paper is out and to load more paper. However, there is paper in the printer. The printer can't get it feed through and actually print. I can hear it try to grasp the paper when trying to print. How can I fix this?

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Make sure that the part of the paper tray that moves is in the correct position and clicked in. Also make sure the movable part of the tray in the back is pushed down and clicked in. The entire paper tray should be at the same level . Good luck!

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God bless you! It worked. I knew the problem was mechanical but Epson support insisted that it was a hardware issue. They recommended I get a new printer.


Yep, this worked. It's actually making sure the piece of plastic in the back is clicked in properly. Take it apart and put it back in!


This worked at first, but then failed. However, reinitiating a new print command from the computer (program “Preview” on a Mac) fixed it. Almost like the printer lost some setup info that needed to be restored by the computer. Printer is epson Xp-830.


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Pc thinks it's out of paper. Then my wife hooks up her laptop, and it prints as expected !

And my laptop still tells me it's out of paper

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I have the Epson XP-410… I am trying to print a photo on 5x7 Ultra Premium Photo Paper (Glossy) but the printer won’t grab the paper… When I replace with plain paper, it’s fine… When I use 4x6 Premium Photo Paper, it’s fine… But not 5x7 Ultra…

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