Can my other faceplate comeoff

I'm planing on spray painting my ps4 right. But I don't know if the other faceplate comes off. I'm talking about the one next to the hard drive or glossy faceplate. I know iv seen videos of it coming off but I don't want to have to gut some of the insides out... I just want to know if it will come off by removing the two screws I see holding it down when I take off the glossy facepate.

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You need to remove those two screws and there's also one on the back under the warranty sticker. Keep in mind that this will void your warranty if you still have one.

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Thank you but do you know how I should take it off and does it come off easily or does it require a bit more force.


It requires a bit of force. You'll want to pull up on the side closest to where the hare drive cover goes, then pull up on the corner right across from that. It takes some force sometimes.


So... If I'm understanding this correctly. When I take off the three screws I pull up on the side were there is two screws and then I have to pull up on the side/corner next to the power on button?


It's hard to explain. You can see it well in this vid:


Thank you my friend you really helped me out here.


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