Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Has anyone tried a reflow of the GPU

I am seeing a lot of the same issues on the 13" MacBook Pro 2011-12 as on the 15" & 17" but it was not part of the MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues;

Has anyone tried a reflow on the GPU? If so what were your results. I'll be trying it in the morning.


When cold the machine runs fine. After two hours of video play I get artifacts on the screen and it shuts down. Will reboot for only about two minutes and shuts down again.

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Reflowing the GPU failed. Machine now fails to boot.


What method of reflow did you use @mayer. Did you use the flux and heatstation method or the bake method with consistant heat ?Or some other method ?


@ jimfixer -

Done lots on iMacs with this baby. What I don't know is if Apple is changing the chips on the 15" recalls or just heat treating.


@mayer did you use flux while you reflowed the solder on the gpu. I take it you used the heat station you showed . does it deliver consistent measurable heat? . I have never done a mac GPU but have reflowed a lot of HP and Compaq PC laptop GPU. they were really bad for a few years I often did them in an oven until i got the heat station. I found if i used flux while doing the flow it would make the fix last longer, less contamination this may be your issue here . Just a thought


Never used flux on a GPU reflow, you have no idea of where it's going. Did use an IR gun. I know this is a factory defect but don't know if Apple is just doing a reflow or replacing the chips and Apple does not want to open themselves to another law suit. The 13" should have been included. We have questions on this machine all the time and all I have been able to do is tell them about a Flat Rate Repair. Apple will not even run the test for a failed GPU on the 13". They know what is is.


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To me this sounds like overheating, is the heatsink fitted properly? not loose or missing screws or anything?

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Drake, you need to expand your profile.


Is that Better?


Better, but have you had any experience with my problem? Did you look at my profile?

I don't mean to put you down but this ones a $20 to $50 million dollar question. I believe it should have been included in the class action law suit that had the 15" & 17" machines but not the 13" and I see problems with this machine every day on the same issue and Apple is not owning up to their responsibility. @danj may be the only one around that that can even comment on it.


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