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Device won't power on after drop

Hey Everyone,

A customer came to me with an iPhone 6 that he dropped and now doesn't turn on. He said after the drop the LCD had lines on it and then didn't show anything.

Here is what I have tried so far with no success:

-Reset the iPhone with power & home buttons

-Replace the LCD

-Try charging it overnight

-Tried another LCD

-Tried DFU Mode

-Tried new battery

-Inspected logic board for any damage

No luck with any of the efforts so far.

Any ideas or help someone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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What kind of lines? White vertical lines? Grey horizontal line on top?


This is a serious problem I guess. There could be a damaged component on the board that triggered its malfunction. How high did it drop? You've done necessary trouble-shooting ways but the problem persisted. There could be more lofty issue behind it.


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Hi this is a common thing for the iphone 6 as i bought afew on ebay that were dead but the 1st thing you want to try is plug the phone on charge with or without a screen and listen for the vibration or beeping and if its nothing then plug into itunes and see if the phone is reconised by itunes and if it isnt then i can say its the power managment chip will need replacing its the one with the apple sign on it but i would not advice anyone to do unless they know what there doing as its hard work and when i 1st started doing all this i went threw afew before i got it to a Tee and before its done its best to get the micro metre on the logicboard to confim it 1st and then if it us the power source then the old one needs removing micro desoldered then the new one reballed then put on then check with micrometre to check its all done but i strongly advice to send off to a specialist, goodluck

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