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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Various errors w/ clean install of OS X

I upgraded a few internal components. Only issue remaining was the battery would not charge. MBP said battery has "Normal Condition". Reset PRAM, SMC, nothing made a difference. It was suggested to attempt a factory reset, which I did. Downloaded, installed, all was fine. I had not yet started moving my backed up data but downloaded 3 things. 1: a logicboard scematic; 2: Google Chrome Browser; and 3: Adobe (I cant recall the version right this second). Chrome had been installed and working. I began to install Adobe and as i started to click on the icon a program appeared: Mac Cleaner or something like that. I could not close it, could not delete it, could not uninstall it, could not even move the window aside to access another open window. On top of it there were 2-3 other pieces of malware/spyware/virus. I could not force quit. I had to force off the power and start up in recovery mode. Ever since I have been unable to reinstall OS X on my MBP. SOS!!!!HELP?!?!?!

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Try in Safe Mode, Shift key at startup.

Or in recovery mode, Command + R or Command + Option + R for over the internet.

If it does not work do a clean install.

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I have done all three. Im using a back-up right now, which will work, as long as that malware was not dormant when i made the backup. Any way to know where that came from?


It is a virus, there is also on Mac but, less than on windows. It can come from your internet download, when you download software always preferred the editor's website and of course be careful what you download.


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