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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Water spill, still works, should I check the inside?

I accidentally spilled some water on my (very new) Macbook Air, it immediately shut off. HOWEVER!!!! After using a hairdryer all over and getting rid of all visible water, it worked when i pressed the power button. Everything seems to be working perfectly but I'm scared it might shut off any second because of water inside- HELPPPPPPPPP What do i DO????

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Karla if your laptop actually shut down your best course of action is to clean the logic board and all curcuit boards so corrosion does not get the best of you. If you are capable of disassembling your laptop then go to it and clean it with IP alcohol of 95% or better on a soft tooth brush or q-tip . The hair dryer method is not a good thing as it tends to move the water inside around to other places on the logic board and the fewer places that get wet the better. When cleaning look for any places that look like they were wet and clean those spots. Look for discolored areas clean them and any corroded spots take extra care in cleaning there. This is a good guide to follow Electronics Water Damage. Hope this helps

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Thank you so much. I am just scared because what if i take it apart and something goes wrong???


seek professional help if your unable to do it yourself


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