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MacBook not booting, gets stuck on Apple logo

My Mac ran out of battery one day and when I charged it up again and tried to boot it, it gets stuck on the apple logo.

I've tried to boot to safe mode to which my computer does not respond and I've also tried to reset the NVRAM.

I do hear the second chime but after that it goes back to the apple logo and loading bar and remains stuck.

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Can you give us your exact model. Review this listing: MacBook Pro models. Once you locate it paste a URL link to it here in your question so we can see what you have.


Yes like Dan says, post your exact model number.

Also hold option key and power it on and keep holding the option key until you see some disks on the display. Report back what you see on the display then


it's a MBP 15.4/2.2/2X2GB/500-5400/GLSY.

It should be this one:

Holding any key did not result in any movement of the computer. I brought it to an affiliate of apple (I'm in Mexico, no apple owned mac stores here) and diagnosis showed that it was the graphics card that was defective. According to them, a known problem by apple for this model.


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To be doubly sure:

  • Do you have a bootable Thunderbolt, FireWire or USB drive you can plug in? If not you could create one from another system. Can you boot up from the external drive?
  • Or, you could boot your system in Target Mode connected to another Mac via Thunderbolt or FireWire cable. Once connected can you access the HD on your system?

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Here's the repair program on the video issue:


either of those options require me to have access to another mac which at this point I do not. Let me try to get my hand on one and revert. Thanks!


Thank you @mayer for the feedback. One the basis of this program they have applied to apple for the replacement of the material.


Your machine is known to have the problem but it has to be connected to Apple to prove it and run the test for Apple to qualify you for the logic board replacement program. Was the place you took it to an ASP?


meanwhile, back up the hard drive in case hey mess with it.


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