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OnePlus' second entry into the Android phone market, the OnePlus 2, was released on August 11th 2015.

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!HELP! Bootloop because of low battery ONEPLUS TWO


My OnePlus Two turned off because the battery was low, however after it turned of the phone got in a bootloop but fails to start since the battery is dead... the phone also doesn't seem to charge... any idea on how i can make the phone stop bootlooping and just stay off so that i can charge it properly?

I've already disconnected and reconnected the battery from the motherboard but is soon as i reconnect it starts bootlooping again

Thanks for the help!

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I had an similar battery issue when I owned a Motorola Defy and I used a tutorial I found on XDA Developers to charge my battery. I would expect similar results to help charge your battery. If the bootloop is a result of the battery being low, then this may help, but if the bootloop problem remains, there may be something else going on.

Hopefully, this does work for the battery.

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