2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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power problem after swapped logic board

Hi I've taken apart my macbook to swap the logic board with one that had a working magsafe port. It now has an led light on the charger showing its getting power but wont actually power up at all! The machine would previously powerup by taking power only from the battery, now its doing nothing. Not sure if I damaged the replacement logic board or unplugged the power button somehow?! Any help appreciated!!

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Is it possible that you damaged the keyboard connector or any other part of the keyboard during install? The power button actually connects to the keyboard which then connects to the logic board, so damaging the keyboard can prevent the power button from working. Which year is it so I can tell you how to power it up without using the power button?

One piece of advice that I'm sure you know but I'll mention anyway: MAKE ABSOLUTELY THAT DISCONNECTING THE BATTERY IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO AND NEVER CONNECT OR DISCONNECT ANYTHING ELSE WHILE THE BATTERY IS CONNECTED. Sorry for the caps but it really can't be said strenuously enough with these Macbooks. Most devices you're taking a risk by working on with a connected battery. Macbooks are 100% sure to blow something the first time you do it.

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