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Electronic cleaners safe for use inside iPhone

I just repaired a broken screen & bad battery on my iphone6 & while I was in there used CRC Contact Cleaner 2000 to clean a prior liquid incident that didn't kill the phone. The contact cleaner flushed a lot of contaminants out, but damaged the speaker housing. The phone works fine but the speaker sounds horrible. Clearly this was too agressive a cleaner, thought

Anyhow, are there any aerosol cleaners that are safe for the plastics used in the iphone6?

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You should be using something that's plastic safe. What I use and CRC in particular recommends is QD Electronic Cleaner for computers and other sensitive electronic parts as it's less harsh. Contact Cleaner 2000 is for use with things like circuit breakers and other simple metal electrical parts, and according to its data sheet it's not safe for use on plastics which is why it damaged the housing.

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I just use isopropyl alcohol and absolutely make sure I remove the earpiece speaker, screen and loudspeaker before doing so.


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