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Dell Inspiron 531s desktop computer.

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Wont sign in to internet after lightening strike

Lightning strike killed the TV and internet on PC. What part most likely needs replacing?

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After strike was able to use tablet for inernet. But Modem was replaced by Comcast anyway. Comcast repairman said probably needed internet card replaced in pc.? I can't really afford a repair right now so I was hoping to replace the part myself. Does this sound feasible?


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If your PC still works but not the internet then most probably your modem has been affected. What lights are being displayed on the modem? Get back to us with the model number of the modem (found on the back or the underneath of the device) and maybe it can be reset rather than having to be replaced. No guarantees on this but it doesn't hurt to try.

Update (08/24/2016)


As the Network Interface is part of the motherboard it is not user replaceable. Try using the Dell diagnostics (Test System) in your PC to verify that the Network Adapter is faulty. See p.80 of the User Guide, here is a link

You can buy a suitable PCI NIC (PCI -Network Interface Card) and install that in your PC and use it

If it is faulty to get around the problem can you get Comcast to give you a USB modem? Don't know if they are available with wireless /router options though.

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