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Both cameras not working

This iPhone has been dropped and has had a screen change. back camera was not touched, and was functional after drop and up to repair. front camera was functional after drop and up to repair. after repair both from and back cameras not displaying (black screen). i have checked both cables and have also changed front camera to test but no result. ideas ?

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the problematic part is called U2301. U have to de solder chip and make a jumper between leg 1&2 (for fast repair -aprox 5 min)

Second method is change U2301 for brand new :

( ) -for example.

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Yep. This is most likely the case. If the front panel connectors are unplugged with the battery plugged in or a metal prying tool used to unplug the front panel connectors there is a chance of accidentally shorting on or more components on the board. This U2301 ic component is located right near the front panel connector area on the logic board.

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