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Replacing iPhone 6 plus battery without adhesive strip

Hi guys, I want to ask can I replace my iphone 6 plus battery without putting on a new adhesive strip? Does the adhesive strip matter?

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I believe he may be referring to the replacement adhesive around the edge of the screen. In which case, of course it is preferable but the main disadvantage of not using it is the potential loss of weatherproofing. But the fit of the screen to the body is so tight that not using it, will not materially affect the structural integrity.


Only 6s and higher had the adhesive for around screen.

It only stops dust from getting in on 6s.

He's referring to battery adhesive anyway.


I have an iPhone 6 Plus and like “Jack Pro” had a question about the use of adhesive strips for a pending battery replacement. In my case though, since the adhesive strips for my 6 Plus are out of stock, I’m wondering if I can use adhesive strips for either a 6s Plus or regular 6 instead?

I can see the adhesive strips for the 6 might work in my 6 Plus but they’d be a little shorter in length while, the adhesive strips for the 6s Plus might be a slightly different shape.

Is there a difference between the 6 Plus and 6s Plus adhesive strips?


Nope, their pretty much identical.


Thank you @benjamen50, that’s what I was hoping to hear.

Although, this is something I hope iFixIt can address to help them more-accurately report in/out-of stock status.

I mean, I wonder how similar (if similar at all) the adhesive strips are between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If they are the same, then it’d seem silly to have two SKUs when 1 would do.


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I wouldn't install the battery with out it. The adhesive strips keep the battery from moving forward (hitting your lcd from the inside), when you're walking or from normal use. I have a test iPhone 6 that I use for testing screens that doesnt have adhesive strips on the battery and when I install the screen fully, I can feel the battery move slightly when I move it forward in the motion you would to talk.

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if you don't have any adhesive strips i would just use a pice of double sided tape. the battery will be fine regardless but at least a strip of double sided tape will keep it in place


So if i dont have any adhesives, I can use double sided tape when replacing the battery on my iphone 6s plus?


Yes, it's certainly fine to do so, make sure it isn't the cheap black double sided tape or too thick.


Why can’t you use cheap stuff. Is it ok to use adhesive that’s supposed to for iPhone 5c screen


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I just replaced my battery using no adhesive, and the device now restarts all the time. Is the lack of adhesive the likely reason?

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I’ve used iPhone 6 adhesive strips on pluses before and they worked just as good.

I would however recommend you use them because it’ll prevent the battery from bouncing around inside the device which could ultimately lead to the battery wire getting worn out over time and that would mean that you’d need to replace it again sooner than required.

Amazon sells the battery’s for the iPhone 6 Plus for $13-$35 depending on juice capacity and company manufacturer preference but most work great from personal experience & they already come with the adhesive strips so you won’t have to order them separately.

95% of the time I’ve bought a battery on amazon it has come with the adhesive strips so I never have to buy them. I hope this helps!

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