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MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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Why is my MacBook not charging and the charger not lighting up?

I need help with my macbook pro 13 inch, i spilled some ramen noodles on the left part of the keyboard(side where charging port is located) about a week ago, i did let it dry for couple of days but after some time i noticed that my mac wont charge.

When i plug in charger percentage stays the same and weird thing that i did notice is that the charger itself is not lighting up when connected to macbook.

Something even stranger I've noticed is that sometimes charger starts to work by itself, charging just normally but when i close my mac and unplug the charger just to use it couple of hours later the problem repeats.

Battery Information (when charger connected)

Model Information:

Serial Number: C01618405NLF90LD8

Manufacturer: DP

Device Name: bq20z451

Pack Lot Code: 0

PCB Lot Code: 0

Firmware Version: 511

Hardware Revision: 000a

Cell Revision: 1210

Charge Information:

Charge Remaining (mAh): 4919

Fully Charged: No

Charging: No

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 7303

Health Information:

Cycle Count: 7

Condition: Normal

Battery Installed: Yes

Amperage (mA): 0

Voltage (mV): 7902

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Please give us the serial number for the machine so we know what you have.


My serial number is C1MRQJ8KH3QD


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Hi: thanks for providing the info on charging status. Given that info, I would suggest you follow the guides and open up your laptop and see how many fluid incursion sensors have turned red. My guess is the MagSafe port was damaged or has some stuff baked on it as Scott suggests. You can remove the MagSafe port easy enough by following the iFixit guides for your machine. Once out you you can clean it with isopropyl alcohol 90+ % or other non-residue cleaner for electronics.

If that doesn't clear your problem you may need the main logic board to be removed and cleaned or replaced. The guides will show you how but if it's too much of a challenge you can usually find someone in these forums to send it to. Such as Mayer of Machale Enterprises.

Please always use good static electricity practice when working on your computer.

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Dried Raman noodles would be a much better desiccant than rice in my opinion ;-)


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There are likely a couple possibilities as to why you are having this problem. Ramen noodles likely have many things that, when dried up, will prevent a good connection between charger and port. For example, if you used one of those flavor packets, the solutes from the packet could still be on the charging port. I would examine your charging port and try to figure out how dirty it is. If it appears that "chicken flavor powder" is still on the ports, it may help to remove it. Make sure you power off all of your equipment before doing this though! Might as well play it safe.

The other possibility, and this may be more likely, is that you damaged the internal components. If the laptop was running and you had liquid hit some of the IC's, you could have damaged/destroyed something important. You may need to replace some stuff! If that is the case, you are in the right place...

MacBook Air 13" Repair

Good Luck!


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