MacBook powers up with no display backlight but keyboard lights up

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend dropped a glass of wine on her MacBook Pro.

She dried it off as best she could and also managed to remove the back and dry off as much as possible inside.

I had a quick try and the computer would make the ding sound when it turned on but it appeared there was no screen. However plugging it in to a tv via the HDMI output everything worked fine and all her data was still on there.

We took it to an Apple Store last week who gave a quote of around £400 to repair. Waited the 10 days they quoted and called them back, said they had just looked at it and actually the cost was going to be £940.

I went through the discount thing at my work and got a brand new MacBook Pro for £940 so it was a no brainer st that point...

Out of curiosity (and since there was nothing to lose) I took it to work and had a deeper look inside it... saw a couple corroded parts (green powder) on a couple connections (mainly the screen connection) which I cleaned up with a fibre pen, gave it a general dusting off inside and tried again. Got the bing and because of the angle the screen was sitting at I noticed the screen was actually working but there was no backlight and the lights on the keyboard also lit up. Now I'm not sure if the screen had ever worked before but we maybe just hadn't noticed it since it's so difficult to see or if cleaning up that connection had a positive effect on the screen but now we are at a point thinking it may not be so difficult to fix... (plus if I fix it, I get to keep it as my own!)

Is there any places to start looking for a solution? I have searched and found that there is an LED driver and a fuse but I asssume these may be OK as the keyboard lights work? Or are there separate ones for screen and keyboard?

Any help is appreciated!

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Backlight circuit issue, needs trouble shooting.

Now we can almost be certain that the backlight filter has blown due to a short in the backlight circuit caused by liquid damage. Some components may need to be replaced including the display connector and the socket itself on the logic board (LVDS cable and connector).

I assume there was water damage on that plug and the socket itself.

Now this isn't really a DIY fix but I'd take it to a repair shop, forgot what the name was but Louis Rossman on youtube has videos on how to troubleshoot and repair these kinds of stuff.


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