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T800 Battery decreasing while turned off and on charge?


I have a Samsung T800 tablet and which is having some serious trouble charging. It originally had a damaged charging port which was replaced and since then whenever its plugged in to charge the battery keeps draining even while switched off. This also happens with a new battery.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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@hortman did it ever work properly after you repalced the charging port? Have you verified that the replacement is properly installed?


It did work here for me when i changed it. port does seem to work properly, it shows the battery symbol when plugged in and has the little bubbles. Should I try another?


So from what you are saying that it is indicating that it is charging but it is not? I would double check the connector and the connection.


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@hortman if your connector and the connections are properly installed, follow the troubleshooting suggested by Samsung.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks oldturkey03 thats exactly what I need, sorry its taken so long to reply, been busy with other repairs


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